Congratulations! You are here because you have said YES to love. My name is Courtney and this is a unique wedding boutique here in Maine. At Love By Lunasolo you are hiring an artist to capture images that are...


In my wedding photography I incorporate all the elements of my photographic interest: photojournalism, fine art, portraiture, and stylized artistry.

Photography is my full-time job. People ask me why my photographs are so unique? Because my training is unlike most wedding photographers. You will find my photographs in NYC galleries, editorially, and amongst the socio-political sphere, photography is all I do. Wedding photography is where all this experience manifesets—

I also use classic black and white film photography alongside your digital collection of images. This is exclusive at Love By Lunasolo. I handprint photographs of your wedding day in the darkroom as I would a fine art piece.

Welcome to Love By Lunasolo, where Artistry meets Wedding Photography.